Arc du Carrousel

By Martin
February 22, 2011
Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

Correct name for this little arch is Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel which is located on la Place du Carrousel (named Carrousel from the horse dressage displays done on the square). This arch was built in 1806 to commemorate Napoleon’s victories of previous years. The arch is the second monument in the line that goes [...]

La Concorde

By Martin
February 22, 2011
Place de la Concorde -

Extending from the Seine all the way to the Rue de Rivoli is the Place de la Concorde, the largest and the most famous single square in Paris. It probably would be possible to come to Paris and miss this square if (a) your hotel was located somewhere in the Latin Quarter and you never [...]

Champs Elysees

By Martin
February 22, 2011
Champs Elysees (photo:

Created in 1667 by André Le Nôtre, Louis XIV’s gardener,in order to improve the view from the Tuileries garden. The avenue was lengthened at the end of the 18th century, running from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe. Two kilometers long and bordered by trees, les Champs-Elysées has become the center for festivities [...]

Basilique du Sacre Coeur on Montmartre

By Martin
February 21, 2011
Sacre Coeur (photo:

Located on the top of the hill of Montmartre, at what is the highest natural point in Paris, the Basilique du Sacre Coeur stands proud as one of Paris’ most visited destinations. The Sacre Coeur is one of the later churches built in Paris. It was completed in 1914 and opened in 1919 after the [...]

Le Canal St Martin

By Martin
February 15, 2011
Canal St Martin (photography by

Canal Saint Martin, built in the days of Napoleon 1 (way back in the early 19th century) was not just a solution to fresh water to Paris but also opened transport lines within France and connected the rivers. In fact France has a very intricate system of canals throughout the country that have historically been [...]

La Tour Eiffel

By Martin
February 15, 2011
Eiffel Tower (photography by

1889: During the evening of the tower’s inauguration, 10,000 gas street lamps adorned the steeple and platforms. Two projectors on the tower top illuminated the other Parisian monuments below. The blue, white and red beacon lights were considered the most powerful in the world. 1900: Electricity arrives at the Eiffel Tower, as 3,200 lamps spotlight [...]

Louvre Museum

By Martin
February 15, 2011
Louvre Museum (photo by

This enormous building, constructed around 1200 as a fortress and rebuilt in the mid-16th century for use as a royal palace, began its career as a public museum in 1793. As part of Mitterand’s grands projets, the Louvre was revamped in the 1980s with the addition of a 21-metre glass pyramid entrance. Initially deemed a [...]

Arc de Triomphe

By Martin
January 15, 2011
Arc de Triomphe (photo by

This is the Arc de Triomphe, a 16-story war monument conceived by Napoleon, designed by architect Jean-François Chalgrin, and built at the top of the avenue des Champs-Elysees. It was constructed between 1810 and 1836. It is possible to reach the roof of the monument by climbing nearly three hundred steps, and the view is [...]

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