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hotel paris pigale

Hotel Place de Clichy 71, rue de Douai
75009 Paris.

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When arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport, follow the "Metro - RER" signs to the RER station. Note: The "RER" is the fast subway line which brings you in, through, and out of Paris from and to the farther surburbs. The "Metro" only travels within Paris and to the immediate suburbs. Take a ticket to Paris at the booth. Ask for a "ticket to Paris" to the agent. Go to the automated gates, put your ticket in the front slot, get it back from the machine, pass through the gates quickly. Follow the direction signs which read "Robinson, St-R�my-Les-Chevreuse or Orly" This will lead you to the RER station. Take the next train to go to the "Gare du Nord" station. Get out at the "Gare du Nord" station, and look for the "M" - Metro signs Follow the "Line 2 - Direction Porte Dauphine" signs, to the metro station itself. Take the next train to the "Place de Clichy" station. Get out at "Place de Clichy", look for the "Sortie" (exit) sign. You have arrived. Take the flight of stairs to the outside, and you are on "Place de Clichy".